Complications 「G線上の魔王」|G-senjou no Maou/the Devil on G-string

High rated well-known mark of masterpiece with outstanding sophisticating result, refract each dispersion into profound reminiscence in every fundamental aspects to be expected. Battle of wits is indeed one of the factor which keeps blowing my mind away with perplexed mystery and roundabout convoluted puzzles, giving me an absolute bewilderment whilst going through out the story as flashbacks, one by one reveals the truth behind the scenes. Tremendous cunning tricks as the overwhelming stack of events, played like by a doppelgänger behind the line, just like the title holds, G-senjou no Maou.

Seamlessly plotted chapter by chapter as each heroine is placed at each stop points. Reach another route by leaving the nearest reachable route behind and proceed to the next chapter. In other words, the choice to enter a route for a heroine is placed one in each chapter, pointing the center heroine as well with the true ending at the farthest end chapter. Combination of ADV and NVL where most of them, and for the main parts go with ADV and NVL for some explanation or also conversations where the characters only shown with CG.

The options given to keep going through out the story are simple enough, makes it impossible to reach a dead end, although it’s kind of misleading choices at intersection between going to the next chapter or jump into Mizuha route. Every single choice is given 2 option to answer and most of them are likely to be the protagonist’s thought or his next movement. From what I’ve experienced, the probability to reach a good ending is far bigger than to fall into the despair of a bad ending.

The setting took place at Tomanbetsu city with many different kind of places where each chapter has their distinctive event and used appropriate place to correspond with the development of the story.

The story is the core affection in overall points, make it low nsfw content which some are put in the path to bad ending. Humorous school life, nerve-challenging mystery, elaborated convoluting puzzle, and heart-warming romance, and don’t forget the tear-jerking moments which could be found in every single route. The plot is just perfect, full of enjoyment. Arranged diligently, they put up characters name, mention them in various way accordingly throughout the storyline, thus who play this eventually have their full name stuck in mind.

Characters arrangement and design are completely fascinating as no single character was left out with unattractive elements, particularly with the heroines appearance which is flawless in sight. They sure know how to make a decent character. There’s no random students to fill the classroom, neither pedestrians on the road except in the CG. That gives a quiet lonely atmosphere actually, though I prefer it like that rather than having bunch of random not-satisfying priceless people just to drop the clear background quality away.

Begin with normal days with the protagonist, Azai Kyousuke, formerly Samejima Kyousuke, who is cold, money-driven, and has worked for his foster father. With the advancement of the story, as he sees the other heroines in their life, warming his heart, hence learns how to love. Has bitter past and this makes him turns into a hard worker.

Introduction with all the heroines in the first chapter, transfer student who’ll be the center heroine and also the existence of ‘Maou’, then move into next chapter with the play of op theme. Simply chapter 2 or might as well turns into Tsubaki route on the midway.

Miwa Tsubaki, an honor student, kind, doesn’t care much about money, and really like to write on her diary. She’s just too pure my heart melts.

Decided not to devoting my life to Tsubaki, the path to chapter 3 is right ahead with Kanon route comes if I pick to hear what she wants to say. Azai Kanon, cheerful and fun to be around with her ponytail and cute way to speak. Didn’t care about anything else but ice skating. In spite of that, she’s actually more mature which proved in her route.

Way on the chapter 4 and comes the misleading choice. Who knows decide to call the police will bring me to Mizuha route. Almost missed her path actually, but thanks to the readable pattern of how the option works, her no-‘Maou’-involvement route could be accomplished. Shiratori Mizuha, tsun, airhead when it comes to love, and spoiled with twintails and her cute behavior. Full of jabs in the beginning, her route is more like a break time in the midway of storyline where her matter involving her sister, Tokita Yuki who’s mature, full of curiosity for certain subject and could read people’s behavior and personality. Though Yuki’s relation with Mizuha isn’t explained elaborately. Well, at least forwarding into 3 years later and bring their reunion is strong enough to pull my tears.

Left out Mizuha route and there seen the clear relation between Mizuha and Yuki. Finally the last chapter, Haru route. Came as a transfer student at the first chapter, genius and weird, Usami Haru. Supposed to be a violin prodigy, however ‘Maou’ has trampled her childhood, thus she search for ‘Maou’ to get her revenge on him.

Battle between life and death, the struggle to overcome ‘Maou”s badass plan. Supreme excitement and unbeatable heart-throbbing scene after scene.

The protagonist, Kyousuke has a disease somehow wasn’t explained clearly. Psychogenic amnesia cause him to forget certain part occurrence or something like that. At first, I thought it’s a DID or simply sly personality. He always disappeared when ‘Maou’ act and this made us believe Kyousuke was ‘Maou’, at least on other heroines route. On Haru route, ‘Maou’ identity was revealed which he’s actually Kyousuke’s brother, Kyouhei who fake his death. Here, comes realization of forced element or say, plot twist. It’s like Kyousuke as ‘Maou’ in other heroines route while ‘Maou’ isn’t Kyousuke for the center heroine, Haru. Proven with bizarreness in Kanon route where ‘Maou’ suddenly retired for love as an excuse. From the get-go, the condition feign oddity that made us believe that Kyousuke is actually Maou. The crap, ‘Maou’ only act when Kyousuke is not around, maybe unconscious or something with his unclear cause of headache.

Good ending for the last chapter, or so I thought but not after the epilogue which has the true ending came after the ed song finished playing. The most tear-jerking one, I believe. 8 years in prison and got out only to find that he has a child, and that means the H-scenes with Haru were important part of the story itself. I couldn’t wish more yet I want to see a little more for the epilogue, and 8 years to the future is such a long time. Well, this kind of ending is far more satisfying I guess and leave a deep meaning behind.

Get going from the title screen, the calming sounds of G-senjou no Aria which similar to the famous melody of classical music of Bach, Air on the G string can be heard already. Based to the title of the VN itself, utter match of classic rhythm, orchestra-esque to background music composition is just unbearable with complete push to where the mood and situation handled get perfect collaboration in between, raising the simulation of nerve to the highest possible impact into one’s emotional state, especially with mellow calming sounds, putting mind at ease. And when they got into action, The Moment of Truth comes into ears. Brain works with Complications, the most teary moment with Close your Eyes, and others epic unforgettable sounds. The eerie and fear-building soundtracks also blend well with some certain situation, for instance every annoying meeting time with Gonzou and so his one dedicated sound, entitled his own name (oh, for real) plays in the background.

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