Delusion 「Chaos;Head」


Vintage play with decent storyline I’ve tasted for starter. Done with this at highschool back then and kinda lost in my head. I might as well don’t care about this if I wasn’t in the mood to recall this. Two years passed since then, hence my memory about it is not as clear as recently played vn or watched anime, just like the cloudy night lately which shrugged me from seeing the Lyrids off. I remembered where I’d only played three of four titles of eroge before I got a touch of this no-sexual content visual novel entitled Chaos;Head. Ah, I got it right, now. It’s exactly when Steins;Gate was rolling and some idiots I encountered on a certain forum I forgot was saying that Steins;Gate was a sequel of Chaos;Head and of course I realized it’s not from the get-go of the starting point where the protagonist was just a real deal of hikikomori otaku. Those people might be idiots, but I was more of a retard for not checking the information of the title itself. Well, dullness comes with good result, so there I was, enjoying every blood and tears, literally.

fun^10x int^40= Ir2

No real meaning behind that unreal made-up equation, really.. despite being the equation that killed the world’s possibilities. Root of this problem actually lies in real Takumi’s childhood imagination. Whilst mass energy equivalence taken up of Einstein reference, E = mc2, this one exist scientifically, though I don’t know if it’s really the one which made huge growth of this world.

Flesh and red juice were all over the timeline. High rated violence, indeed, with ghastly image which brought my nausea up several times. Even with only text-described hostility, crazy enough to stroke me cold and pale all over the body intensively. I admit I wasn’t mentally prepared for something that outrageous. That moment is the one where it explained every method used to kill the victims.
The story revolves in Shibuya, where it’s well known parts also put into the setting like scramble crossing and Shibuya 109. Every main characters enrolled in the same school, Suimei Academy, whose details itself were not showed much since most of the main part took place not in the school ground.

The main characters are 7 people who had the power to materialize their delusion into real, though everyone except Takumi only could draw their weapon so be called ‘Di-sword’ out of thin air. Takumi was an exception, where he really could turn his delusion into reality, which he himself got a total control of his power after the resolution in him.

The protagonist, Nishijou Takumi, a heavy-doses otaku, collecting bunch of figures, and a crazy online gamer which his character in it was like a god in that game. Live alone in a container at top of a building, dazzling speed internet, cokes in refrigerator, and have no problem with school. His favorite chara there, Orgel Seira. What a great life he had, most dream of mad otaku. He even schedule his school time with minimum attendance and study online for math if I’m not mistaken. He might got everything he needed, but his social life was a total fail. Even speak his mind was hard, once said and it went haltingly quick. Enjoys his life until Shogun, an unknown entered his chat room and gave him a gruesome picture.

Nishijou Nanami, Takumi’s imouto. Noisy, happy-go-lucky and always fuss every little thing on her brother. Nice to have an imouto like her though.

Sakihata Rimi, a girl whom Takumi thought she’s the murderer who stake the man in the picture he got from Shogun, though all of that actually was just his delusion. Nice cheerful girlwho actually knew the truth about Takumi.

Kusunoki Yua, quite timid but really brave, like Seira from the anime there just like Takumi. She thought Takumi as a suspect of the murder happened around and found a stake at his room, though it’s just a thing he took at the staking site.

Aoi Sena, a tsundere one, I think. Very informed about most things happened and moves with solid act.

Orihara Kozue, cute and delicate. She moved to Suimei Academy not long after the insanity murder case in Shibuya. She didn’t speak at all until the parts near the last scene, but just talked from mind to mind. This also one of Kozue’s unique ability as a gigalomaniac. In the world of her mind-talking, she appeared to be actually an extremely cheerful and funny girl. Now I want her too just from thinking about it.

Kishimoto Ayase, stay cool, calm, and beautiful. She’s the singer of a popular band, Phantasm and knew that to turn the table around, 7 warrior of somewhat I forgot were needed so to give the lead to such immense power and crush the Noah II, the source of the main problem on that place.

There’s no route or anything to determine the path. There’s only 3 ending, the good ending, the bad ending, and the true… bad ending. No joke there. The gameplay has some multiple choice which weren’t up for route picking, and some were just like a test, one wrong and bad ending awaits. There’re also to be called delusional trigger mousou trigger) that show Takumi’s delusion for his current’s situation. It shows up at certain situation along with a certain tone, which chosen at the corner of the screen while the talks keep going. The green one triggers a positive delusion and the red one triggers a negative one. In spite of that, the trigger couldn’t be chosen at first playthrough. Not available at first playthrough here doesn’t mean good ending was locked, the delusional trigger was just for the purpose to see the mysteries behind the scene which couldn’t be seen on first playthrough. As long every choice were right, then it’s good ending. Weird part where the true bad ending could be reached with right choice for the delusional trigger for the next playthrough.

The theme songs are awesome in every single platform. The collaboration of the soundtracks are good enough, though most of them are not suitable to be heard countless times as it easily bore the listener. Well, give to the main factor of the vn itself, mystery, horror, and psychology, some uplifting sounds are out of question.

Compare the vn with the anime, which I myself haven’t watched them, following the number of story, details, excitement, and user experience, vn is preferable since nothing would miss or leave a question mark or blind point.

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  1. ¿De quien son esos ojos?
    ¿De quien son esos ojos?
    ¿De quien son esos ojos?
    ¿De quien son esos ojos?

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