1/7の魔法使い|1/7 no Mahoutsukai Review


Magic, it is a power bestowed upon select individuals. An ability once deprived from the God, potential of divine magic to be inherited from Urnir. Up to its origin, the classification fall into three category. One that divested from Urnir — Shinhou, one that is in possession of pure race Nornir — Kami-Mahou, and one that is in hold of human — Mahou. Behind the legend of Urnir’s creation, Nornir who lived above the sky have been looking at the vast ground below and few decided to descend, living there believing it’s alright as long they keep Urnir’s teaching. They on the ground caused disorder, became human and grew exponential. Observer– Nornir couldn’t let them do they please. A war broke and Nornir failed to supressed human, hence they created a “witch” that brought the war’s byname “Kamikakushi”. Human’s defeated, but the witch herself misbehaved and caused another war with Nornir. Human in the meanwhile regrew and once again took control over Earth when Nornir got the witch sealed. Human has gone greedier and planning to live on the sky. They stole floating technology, but Nornir prevented them who drove disorder. Whoever in the wrong, they forced peace and since, keep doubting each other. Come to the world now, Nornir reside on a floating island, Aura, and human as they have been, on the ground. On human side, there are seven Magic Academy in the world. One of them is Maialens Academy, the school where the linchpins of world’s saviour enrolled, the stage where the protagonist produced his ground-breaking achievements as 1/7の魔法使い.

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ソレヨリノ前奏詩|Soreyori no Prologue Review


Desultory ripples wave the end shore by wild it pulse. In those surge to drown, or wavelet to pound, utmost joint of mixture concur no derision against withstanding coral. Those whimsical take the shape of equivocal, passing rendition on for itself elaborates the diffusion. By its mind exposed to versatile vibration of sentiments inadvertent to no cease, echoing all length of obscure sentience for eternity. Parallel to empathy they are that each on their time desires an innermost tinge of sympathy affecting embodiment behind. Thence begin their journey led through train of prologues, ソレヨリノプロローグ.

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この大空に、翼をひろげて|Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa wo Hirogete Review


In passion chasing the providential phenomenon under the vast sky, yearn over the corridor of cloud was not by a long sight to be given up, though the wingless crawls. Fleeting might it seemed, they seek frame of liberation uprises discovery of beauty. And by that aspect engenders the standstills, soon more after its cycle. Inability has been the flapping cue up and further the other side that how grand it is defy one’s sense of stride withholding earthly strain. Far aspiration crosses broad as the sky spans, the admiration to it set a goal up higher on Morning Glory. From a small garage, a group’s working their path for purpose of soaring into the blue. They who roll in each own expertise giving all of theirs while hoping forward to that promised day. There’s falling serves a risk, fear halts conviction, and loss out of disorder. Even so, この大空に、翼をひろげて.

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12の月のイヴ |12 no Tsuki no Eve Review


The unprecedented nature of fate holds no flexibility as opposed to one destined after deed. By precedence itself that course of action aforethought supports not a deliberate reaching to piece of destiny. Still, exertion and perseverance alone are powerless against entropic law of possibilities in the finite amount of time, slipping to no avail, aiming for the rightest route through the lit up chances. Three girls, one timeline. For many a wish, they strive upon their objectives that, wherein, loop of emotion starts to intertwine on 12の月のイヴ.

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できない私が、くり返す。|Dekinai Watashi ga, Kurikaesu. Review


Tides of moment holds the most limit of invigoration, spanning the nascence bless to subsistence end, time. The ever-dimming endless cruelty in essence of mortality defined timepiece. Many hope to surpass, plebeians unconditionally deal, some detest, and few wordlessly thank it, which as certain individual has become a curse. Obstinate as fate unforgiving, not to condemn unreasonably rational. That, in fact absolute reality, to the contrary of following prepositions. The present could be leaped into the past makes present the future. The past what makes the present. Even so, would he who owns the ‘timepiece’ pull a desired result of syllogism, receiving meaningful retrograde upon the proven henceforth.

“Changing the future is improbable, just like how you can’t change my heart”. Was likely soliloquy of a precaution phrasing from the previous owner of time rewind-capable ‘timepiece’, Ren, to the now stubborn holder young man, Riku. End of ‘time’ she reached waved his initial turning point to many events, though not necessarily often, tried to be changed. Outstanding dramatically, the bliss – common and casual – and the heartbreaking – profound and touching – was in development of one particular fantasy under serious reality. Years the ‘timepiece’ received after, the focal journey fit pocket watch of time leap ticks before the slope of fate, for – できない私が、くり返す。

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えれくと!| Erect! Review


A new interpretation from construction of misconception to bias remotion, redefine of what to be Succubus. Idea of female demon that appears to have intercourse in dream is a mainstream no more as culture and technology discrepancy allowed them into improvement and coexistence alongside human society privy to outside boundary. That boundary is known as Lilithtia Academy, the school that defies the flat abstraction and changes the presence of Succubus meant to be. A heavenly devilish garden one won’t ever want to return from once he tasted a step in. A completely distinct entity just through a single gate leads to a lovey-dovey cultural exchange adventure with, naturally, succubus in truly a utopia, or befitting a dreamland of cookery-featured heroine. Whilst learning the world of succubus and all the succupedia terminology might considered trivial, staying a hermit for some minutes – hours for some and days for me -, worth the stimulation served. In contrast to infamous alluring tendency, succubus here aren’t just as drug-sweet looking on flesh, but as are hypnotic-capable cuteness that their adorability is much impact to reverse the canonic perspective of their being. In the tears of disorder, stream of shimoneta, pool of temptation, and sea of heart-melting beauty moe, prepare to get ‘vigor’ squeezed in an instant as one inevitably sprout to Erect!

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雨音スイッチ~やまない雨と病んだ彼女そして俺~|Amane Switch Review


Sound of rain has always been torrent of dissonance splatters, proofing overlapping noise of surrounding chatter. Perhaps that’s how I like when the substances close to purity paragon pour its phenomenon. Sad to depict romanticistic, the precipitation fall open to taint of impurity, might it be a speck of drip, overflowing fountain, or puddle of melted snow, and to its end vanished to drain of sunshine. On the dramatic irony to characters involvement, concluded that hypocrite just don’t blend with sick innocent, moreover with overly-self-deception which they then recourse halfway. Outpoured with sorrows, fake benevolence, pitiful detestation, and negative else, despite so, the psychology excites emotion comes as value of the storyline’s calibre, flooding my mind with incongruity to heartbreaking overcast, Amane Switch.

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ココロ@ファンクション !|Cocoro@Function! Review


Scripting all means of communication, the fundamental natively hardcoded into the kernel of feel, logically coexist as human function, heart. Disregard the substance of supernatural as overwriting the outdated insight with pretenatural yet feasibly interpretable. Just as what described on the ever-complied site, internet borderline has preached its peak on the network golden age. Surreal applied science alongside information technology focally telecommunication-based in a roadmap of networking environment evermore. Imagine the touch of state-of-the-art emerging network mechanism on one’s fingertips, with delusive attached in the middle, communication has merged more centralized and unified as people connect them on line. Emphasis on subject to impartation of information is not any bit of nought for the notion grounds the melodramatics’ circuit trunk. Experience the all novel eyes-on ingrained in the app of matter, Cocoro@Function!

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When living turns upside-down resting down out of bright sun and habituating the night life on eve brimmed with daily ドーブラエ・ウートラ and post meridiem activities. If it was to exclude school, then apparently I’m already living a vampire stripped out the needs of blood and abilities myself. While being a vampire sounds conveniently interesting and exceptional in many ways, things don’t as smooth as expected go with discrimination pointed out on each path, drawing a line of problem between races of daytime and nighttime. Vampire relation as the focal point expended, thus elaborated in each heroines’ own distinction which all unthinkably entitled in the cover itself, DRACU-RIOT!

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レミニセンス|Reminiscence Review


Lighthearted approach covering the mind-dazzling solution topped with smart unforeseen move to the narrow but serious cases in political expertise concerning the environments of immense underground cities. Through a few but long steps that it felt like a never-ending progress, everything is about the story of a helpless adult young man, not to mention broken was what he was described. Route after route unlocked fair up the proportion of matters deep equally which formed a comprehensive implicit to the next peculiarity. Not as what a nonsense self-complacency moniker, hero of the town, but more like a genius resourceful solved the problem and saved the life of respective heroines. Conduct along the deals and developments, concealed truth under the surface gradually kneaded its root, establishing connection of which essence settled the conflicting Reminiscence.

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School Days Review


Melancholic drama takes over the whole episodes, turning right and left without proper goal in mind of protagonist in his unstable youth. Everything from start to end is all about lost in love with only one gag break or two that it’s heavy to follow cautiously, especially with this nettlesome protagonist, Makoto who’s not just clueless, but slow and can’t make his mind up clearly. Began with Sekai helped Makoto to get closer with a girl he had a crush for, Kotonoha. As they started going out, Sekai kissed him and swayed his heart. There started their crinkly triangle love relationship full of bittersweet development on their School Days. スクールデイズ

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Rewrite Harvest festa!|リライト ハーヴェスト フェスタ! Review


Fall converges prolonging the point of no blight, omnipotence effloresce cultigen of branch blooming on encircled ever-present tree of flowerful hill. Complied with their line-up’s touchstone, the Key after project dubbed fandisc has come into fruition, irrigating the greenery-themed of masterpiece-hunger’s fallow soul with droplets of love and sugar. This blithe fun-oriented release provides no more than leafage of side stories merged with a few excerption of post-scenario. Remarkably special by so far on its own, the approach doesn’t focus solely on one opted heroine as all the heroine-rolling-Occult research club were not turned a blind eye to. Countdown to the peak of Kazamatsuri’s time of year, solacement in season of joy grants the truest blossom on the paths of those who had left indefinite. The radiance has yet to wither, light up the guidance of limitless possibilities by the petal of Rewrite – Harvest festa!___収穫の喜びを、君と。

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Ever17 Review


Pull out accomplishment of, in spite of a decade-old, a prominent-leading title lit a glimpse of time-space continuum notion. As how it reeked of what came to mind, yet talks of spacetime and causality never cease to slack out of my nerves, those collaborated with curiosity-driving and mind-twisting back-to-back enigma which pressure the riddles deeper branch after branch – makes the sophistication to the masterpiece. Adeptly arranged pieces of puzzles creating a close-to-perfection meticulous plot that has surely taken tremendous outburst of efforts I still get the shiver when thinking of how they precisely planned the plot’s blueprint down into each overshadow – creating a story to reach this mind-blowing level these days for what I believe is near impossible. That’s just how best it is on the field of mind-play that it deserves its remarkability, die Utopie, Ever17 –the out of infinity-.

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